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Class of 2001 20 Year Reunion
10/22/2021 - 10/24/2021

20 year class reunion

How to give to the NHS Alumni Association

Invest in the future by supporting our scholarship program

Many people wish to contribute toward the long term benefit of others in  appreciation for the good fortune which they have enjoyed. However, when they consider the cost of implementing their benevolent wishes, they become discouraged because they feel that they cannot afford to make a significant commitment. The Nacogdoches High School Alumni Association is an avenue by which one can make a positive impact on the lives of deserving graduating seniors at NHS for the indefinite future by way of endowing a scholarship, giving an annual scholarship, becoming a member, purchasing a brick for our alumni brick plaza or just making a donation.

All contributions are tax deductible, and the scholarship recipients will be selected by the Association nominating committee based on the academic record, financial need, and extracurricular and community involvement of the applicants.


The NHSAA has established several avenues by which a person or a group of family and friends are able to give back in the form of a NHSAA scholarship depending on each individual situation.


We sincerely hope that you will give serious consideration to establishing a scholarship through the NHSAA, which would not only honor the graduate or family  member of your choice, but would make a lasting contribution to the future of a deserving student who graduates from Nacogdoches High School. We invite you to "Contact Us."   We will be more than happy to provide further details of these plans to you.

Endowed Scholarship

A gift of $25,000 in cash or stock transfer, which will provide a $1,000 scholarship
to a deserving student at the Honors Day Assembly held in May of each year.
  A 12x12 engraved brick will be placed in the Alumni Brick Plaza honoring you,
followed by a brick honoring the recipient of your scholarship each year.

                            Announcing the fund raising for the Glynn Wells Memorial NHSAA scholarship. Please see below for information on how to contribute to the next endowed Alumni scholarship.

Partially Endowed Scholarship

Establish a scholarship by paying a portion of the total endowment each year,
not to exceed a five year time period. If this method of endowing a scholarship
is preferred, a recipient can be named at the next Honors Day Assembly if an
additional $1,000 is included with the payment has been received. If the donor
wishes to have a recipient named each year, beginning with the first payment,
an additional $1,000 should be added to each annual payment. This is
necessary since only the interest from the scholarship can be awarded and
several years
are required to accumulate sufficient interest.

Annual Scholarship
A person or group may establish an annual scholarship by contributing a $1,000
annual donation to the Association. Under this plan, the principle rather
than the interest will be awarded, and therefore, the scholarship will cease to
exist when annual contributions are no longer forthcoming.


Monetary Donations

The NHSAA welcomes all monetary donations,whether it is donated in memory of a loved one or just to support past and present students of NHS.  We will strive to work with you to put your money to good use!

All donations made to the NHSAA are 501(c)3 tax deductible and can be made here:

Other Donations

Do you have any old NHS yearbooks, trophies or other Dragon memorabilia?  The NHSAA office is the place to share your high school treasures.  Call us today!


Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program

The Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program will donate $1 million annually.  Each organization will earn a percentage of the $1 million equal to the percentage of total earned contributions attributable to that organization.
click here to download the Customer Letter with NHSAA's bar code.  Present the letter to your cashier upon checkout.  After they have scanned your KrogerPlus Card you will be enrolled for the current year of the Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program.  Every time you shop at Kroger and use your enrolled card, Kroger will contribute a percentage of your eligible purchases to the fund.  Once a card is scanned with the barcode, it wil be active for the remainder of the program year.

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